In December 2015, Bilgola sold its interests in IGX Global to ePlus Inc. The transaction represents Bilgola’s first material exit and caps a very successful period of growth for the company. In less than three years, management of the company doubled the company’s revenue and profitability.

The growth of the company is a representative case study of Bilgola’s strategy of partnering with management and accelerating growth from many thoughtful investments and decisions. Selected changes included:

  • Significant investment in sales and marketing to drive topline growth
  • Completion of one small add-on acquisition that enabled the company to expand its service offerings and moved company up value chain
  • Selective hires of professional managers to build management team
  • Streamlined business processes to enhance productivity and create more discipline
  • Expansion of company’s access to capital, development of budgeting system, and upgrading to sophisticated accounting system