We focus on investment opportunities where we can apply our skills to maximize the long-term value of the business.  We know that managing a small company with limited resources is challenging; accordingly, we seek to complement the skills of management.

Bilgola Capital’s approach involves significant hands-on help to drive growth.  However, those services are provided in a non-executive capacity.  We are not seeking to become executive officers of the company; rather, we seek to enhance the ability for management to succeed.

We build enduring partnerships with management and ensure the long-term interests of shareholders and management are strongly aligned.

Value-Added Approach

With over 20 years of professional experience with world-class companies, Bilgola Capital has a track record of creating value in companies in multiple industries.

Specific examples of the value-added approach include the following:

  • Develop and regularly refine the growth strategy
  • Assist in business development, including introductions to specific opportunities where we have relationships
  • Enhance financial management, including working capital management and cost containment
  • Develop professional financial reporting
  • Execute all financing transactions to raise cost-effective growth capital
  • Execute acquisitions and other major corporate transactions
  • Build back-office infrastructure to support larger organizations, including adopting professional accounting systems